Committee Duties


The Committee shall include the following and pertain to revenue, spending, budget control, purchasing and inventory control.

Chair -  Jean Micklevitz, Amanda Stephens, Mike Szydlo.

Community Developments and Events

The Committee shall include and pertain to liaison with local commercial groups and associations, schools, park districts, Kane County Board, Burlington Township, development and strengthening of community financial base, including sales tax, real estate tax.

Chair - Deb Twenhafel, Jim Daffron, Amanda Stephens

Personnel and Administration

The Committee shall include and pertain to personnel administration and policies; including labor relations, advisory on personnel administration and policy, procedure manual, general administration of all Village functions, services and Village Hall.

Chair - Jim Daffron, Ryan Wasson, Deb Twenhafel

Planning and Development

The committee shall include and pertain to Zoning Ordinances, planning and plan development matters.

Chair - Amanda Stephens, Jean Micklevitz, Ryan Wasson

Public Safety/Health and Welfare

The Committee shall include and pertain to fire, police, civil defense, traffic, parking, public transportation programs, housing human relations program and requests for community solicitations.

Chair - Ryan Wasson, Mike Szydlo,  Jean Micklevitz

Public Works

The Committee shall include and pertain to streets, curbs, sidewalks, parks, buildings, grounds, dutch elm disease, sanitary sewers, water lights, electric distribution and environmental matters.

Chair - Mike Szydlo, Jim Daffron, Deb Twenhafel