Pace Bus Service

Village of Burlington residents can take advantage of various programs that are offered by Pace. Pace’s Vanpool Incentive Program offers commuters the opportunity to save money, reduce congestion and share the drive to and from work in a Pace van. Additionally, can match commuters for vanpooling and carpooling opportunities.


For more detailed information, please visit or call (847)364-PACE (7223). For trip planning assistance, visit or call (630) 836-7000.


Participating in the Pace Vanpool Incentive Program may cost you as little as half the amount you currently spend to commute! Vanpooling is an economical, convenient, and environmentally-friendly alternative to driving alone. The traditional vanpool is designed to transport a group of 5-13 people to work in a Pace van. Pace supplies the vehicle and covers costs including fuel, maintenance, insurance, tolls, roadside assistance and van washes. Between payments, gas, maintenance, and insurance, the cost of driving alone is expensive. Vanpool riders pay a flat monthly fare, and drivers get personal use of the van and do not pay a fare. Backup drivers receive a $10 per month discount. 


Pace RideShare is a free, easy and convenient matching service that connects commuters who are interested in forming a carpool (2-4 people) or vanpool (5 or more people) in and around Northeastern Illinois. The program’s website,, gives commuters in the Chicago area the ability to identify potential carpool and vanpool partners quickly and securely. 


Visit or  for more information. Customer support for Pace RideShare is available at 847-228-2492.