August 10, 2017

Planning and Development Committee Meeting
Meeting Location – Village Hall – 175 Water St.
August 10, 2017 -  5:30 p.m.


Present:  Village President Bob Walsh, Village Clerk Kimberly Tatu, Deputy Clerk Marilyn Diede and Village Engineer John Whitehouse.

Open the Meeting:  Committee Chairperson Mary Kay Wlezen opened the meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Roll Call:  Trustees:  Mary Kay Wlezen, Ernie Jackson and John Totemeier were present.

Guests:  Deb Twenhafel.

The purpose of this meeting is for the following agenda:


  1. Open the meeting.
  2. Roll Call.
  3. Approval of the June 21, 2017 Planning and Development Committee meeting.
  4. Review and begin updating Village Fees.
  5. Review Village Building Codes/Fire Codes.
  6. Review and begin updating Village Impact Fees.
  7. Guests (3 minutes for those not on the agenda).
  8. Adjourn.

Chairperson Mary Kay Wlezen made a motion to approve the June 21, 2017 Planning and Development Committee meeting minutes.  Trustee Ernie Jackson seconded the motion.   Ayes:  Trustees:  Mary Kay Wlezen, Ernie Jackson and John Totemeier. Three ayes, motion carried.

Review and Begin Updating Village Fees. Chairperson Wlezen commented Burlington’s building permit fees are higher than some of the municipalities around the area. It was noted the Village’s permit fees were established in 2007.  B & F Construction Code Services Inc. fees are based on the Village’s agreement with them. The Committee discussed the individual permit fees (fence, deck, etc..) and why they have different fee amounts.  It was noted the fence, deck and shed permits need to be reviewed by the Village Engineer in regards to set back sign off.  They have to submit a Plat of Survey showing where the fence, deck, etc… is located on the property.  Inground Pool permits also need to be reviewed by Engineer Whitehouse to show that it is not going to impact the residents’septic system.

 B & F fees were updated in 2013. Not relating to new home construction, the building permit fees went up 15%.

Discussion followed. Chairperson Wlezen said the Village will be looking into this further.

Review Village Building Codes/ Fire Codes: Village Engineer John Whitehouse said in Ordinance 2013-3 the Village adopted the International Code and a list of other International codes (ex. building, fire, gas, etc..). The Ordinance states any time the building codes are amended they are the Village’s new codes. Mr. Whitehouse went over provisions that may apply. Discussion followed which also included Annexation Agreements from 2005 – 2006 that had codes locked in until 2016.  It was noted there is no more grandfathering in from the Annexation Agreements.

Review and begin updating Village Impact Fees:  Deputy Clerk Kimberly Tatu passed out a sheet with the Village’s current Impact Fees.  Chairperson Wlezen said the Village needs to bring the impact fees down to make it more attractive to come to Burlington. Village Engineer Whitehouse went over the sheet and explained the fees. Originally back in 2004 some of the fees were based on actual long term studies the Village did in anticipation of development for water system upgrades and for a waste water plant. Engineer Whitehouse explained about some of the fees if the Village did have a waste water system that was totally funded.  He said this is a major issue the Village has to address and overcome to be in a position to compete with other municipalities. Engineer Whitehouse went over a possible interim solution for waste water if Hampshire would agree to it. Discussion followed.

Deb Twenhafel left the meeting at 6:18

President Walsh thanked Chairperson Wlezen for checking into Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. They are a company that does marketing analysis to evaluate the housing market. They did send the Village a proposal which is quite high. Engineer Whitehouse suggested because the Village has no sanitary sewer Tracy Cross  & Associates, Inc. may be able to do a briefer report.  He said right now without waste water the Village is no competition. If there is guidance they can give the Village in an abbreviated format it may give the Village other answers the Village is looking for. Discussion followed.

It was suggested a representative from Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. come to a Village Board meeting.  Discussion followed.

Adjourn the Meeting:  Trustee John Totemeier made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Chairperson May Kay Wlezen  seconded the motion.  The motion carried on voice vote.  The meeting adjourned at 6:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Diede

Deputy Clerk