September 25, 2017

Meeting Location – Village Hall – 175 Water St.
September 25, 2017 - 7:00 p.m.


Present: Village President Bob Walsh, Village Clerk Kim Tatu and Village Engineer John Whitehouse.

Roll Call: Trustees: Ernie Jackson, Deb Twenhafel, Jim Daffron, Mary Kay Wlezen and John Totemeier were present.

Absent: Trustee Al Vonderlack.

The purpose of the Committee of the Whole meeting is for the following agenda:


  1. Open the meeting.

  2. Roll Call.

  3. Discussion regarding future development design attributes, impact fees and draft guidelines for marketing study.

  4. Adjourn the meeting.


    Village Engineer Whitehouse asked the Board if they had any questions in regards to the packet he distributed at the last Board Meeting. Discussion followed which included Trustees thoughts on what kind of houses they would like to see built in the Village.

    Trustee Mary Kay Wlezen suggested the Village keep an open mind to what each developer would offer.

    Engineer Whitehouse said one thing that was in a lot of the developments was the comprehensive plan designation for density. The Village had provisions in the Annexation Agreement where if the Developer agreed the Village would give them increased density in exchange for $2,000 per dwelling unit contribution to the Old Town Infrastructure fund. Discussion followed.

    Engineer Whitehouse went over the density for Country Creek, Lakewood East and Lakewood West and talked about the different scenarios developers look at to maximize their density so they will be able to sell out the development.

    It was noted if the Village is open to all different product lines (for example 55 years and older); that is the information Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. needs because they analyze how all different products are selling in certain areas. Discussion followed which included Home Owner’s Association (HOA’s) and Special Service Areas (SSA).

    Engineer Whitehouse explained about the process in designing a waste water plant and what the plan was for developers if the Village would have put in waste water plant years ago. Discussion followed.

    Engineer Whitehouse gave his thoughts on putting in the interceptors and getting them to a pump station and pumping a certain population worth of sewage to Hampshire’s Plant if they will take it. He explained how it would work. He said this would be an additional investment cost but then the construction of the Waste Water Plant could be delayed 3 to 5 years. Hampshire would have to agree to it. Discussion followed which included where the interceptors would be located throughout the Village.

    President Walsh and Engineer Whitehouse will get together and speak to Hampshire.

    The Board discussed price points of homes and diversity control.

    Adjourn the meeting. Trustee Mary Kay Wlezen made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Trustee Deb Twenhafel seconded the motion. Motion carried on voice vote. The meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Kimberly Tatu

    Village Clerk