May 21, 2019

Public Safety/Health and Welfare Committee Meeting
Meeting Location – Village Hall – 175 Water St.
May 21, 2019 p.m. 5 p.m.


Present:  Village President Bob Walsh, Village Clerk Kimberly Tatu
Open the Meeting: Committee Chairperson John Totemeier opened the meeting at 5:00 p.m. in accordance to Ordinance 2018-2 attending by remote participation.
Roll Call:  Trustees:  John Totemeier, Mary Kay Wlezen and Deb Twenhafel were present.
Guest:  Trustee Jon Millen.


The Purpose of this Committee meeting is for the following agenda:

  1. Open the Meeting.
  2. Roll Call.
  3. Approval of the October 7, 2013 Public Safety/Health and Welfare Committee meeting minutes.
  4. Discussion on nuisances throughout the Village.
  5. Discussion on cars, trucks, riding mowers, motorcycles etc. at Tom Carey Trucking.
  6. Discussion on cars speeding throughout the Village.
  7. Discussion on Golf carts and ATV’s.
  8. Discussion on Hazard Mitigation.
  9. Guests (3 minutes for those not on the agenda)
  10. Adjourn the meeting.


Approval of Minutes:   Trustee Mary Kay Wlezen made a motion to approve the October 7, 2013 Public Safety/Health and Welfare Committee meeting minutes and Trustee Deb Twenhafel seconded the motion.  Ayes:  Trustees:  Mary Kay Wlezen, Deb Twenhafel and John Totemeier.  Three ayes, motion carried.

Discussion on nuisances throughout the Village.  Chairperson John Totemeier went over some of the nuisances he has noticed throughout the Village and the one reported on Deutsch Street and the process of notification for clean-up.

Discussion on penalties for non-compliance.   Trustee Mary Kay Wlezen said it would be very difficult to enforce the Ordinances.  It was noted the Village Clerk will send out a certified letter to residents when there is a violation first.  Discussion followed what could be the next steps if residents don’t comply with the letter.  Chairperson John Totemeier read how long boats, trailers and campers can stay in their driveway in South Elgin for reference.

Discussion on cars, trucks, riding mowers, motorcycles etc. at Tom Carey Trucking.  Chairperson John Totemeier reported Tom Carey Trucking looks horrible with all of the cars on his property and Railroad Street.  Trustee Wlezen suggested talking with Tom Carey.  President Walsh will talk to Tom Carey.

Discussion on speeding throughout the Village.  The Committee discussed cars speeding on South Street which has been going on for a while.  There was a discussion of possibly having a police car sit on Deutsch Street and monitor how many cars speed down South Street. Suggestion of possibly getting the speed limit signs; “your speed” posted on speed limit signs, similar to what is on Randall Road.  President Walsh will ask Mark Wilkinson to check into this.

Discussion on Golf carts and ATV’s.  The Committee discussed the responsibilities and liabilities to the Village and to the residents.  If golf carts are allowed, what will be required? Some suggestions would be having insurance, driver’s license for operation on road, vehicle lights, and slow moving signage.   

Discussion on Hazard Mitigation.  President Walsh and Clerk Tatu explained to the Committee what Kane County Hazard Mitigation is and what needs to be updated every year in October.  A copy of last year’s report was shown to members for their information.

It was noted, Clerk Tatu will send out a certified letter in regards to nuisances on the property on Deutsch Street.

Adjournment: Trustee Deb Twenhafel made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mary Kay Wlezen.  Motion carried by voice vote.  The meeting adjourned at 5:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Kimberly Tatu
Registered Municipal Clerk