National Register of Historic Places in Illinois


Benefits of being listed in the National Register include: 

  • Potentially stopping the damage or destruction of registered places by requiring state or federally permitted/funded/licensed projects to examine alternatives
  • Offering a federal income tax incentive for rehabilitating income-producing places.
  • Offering a property tax assessment freeze incentive for rehabilitating single-family, owner-occupied residences
  • Increasing awareness and appreciation of registered places

Being listed in the National Register DOES NOT: 

  • Require private property owners to obtain prior approval to change their property when using private, city or county funds
  • Require private property owners to preserve or restore their registered place
  • Block state or federally funded/permitted/licensed projects when these are desired by the owner and shown to be in the public interest


For more information visit the National Register of Historical Places in Illinois website Click Here.