June 16, 2014



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                                                                                          VILLAGE BOARD PUBLIC HEARING

Meeting Location -Village Hall, 175 Water Street

                                             June 16, 2014 6: 45 p.m.


Present: Village President Bob Walsh, Village Clerk Jeaneen, Village Treasurer Sally Eickhorst, Deputy Clerk Marilyn Diede, Village Engineer John Whitehouse, Village Attorney Nancy Harbottle and Mark Wilkison.

Open the Public Hearing: Village President Bob Walsh opened the Public Hearing at 6:48 p.m.


Roll Call: Trustees: Jim Daffron, Betty Reiser, Duane Wilkison, Nancy Melin, John Totemeier and Mary Kay Wlezen were present.


Guests: Jeannie Mayer (Courier News), Matt Klein arrived at 6:50 p.m.


Purpose of this Public Hearing: Village President Bob Walsh stated that the purpose of this Public Hearing is to consider exchange and conveyance of real estate owned by the Village of Burlington for real estate owned by the Burlington Development Group (BDG), an

Illinois Limited Liability Company.


Village Engineer John Whitehouse stated that in conjunction with Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with Kane County and the Amended and Restated Annexation Agreement with BDG the Village is dealing with some exchanges of property along Plank Road. The original acquisition done years ago needed to be changed because of the realignment of Plank Road where Main Street changed because Kane County bought the house on the corner and tore it down so everything shifted to the North. In order to do that the Village needed to acquire a piece of real estate on the north side of the original Plank Road realignment and is exchanging that for property the Village currently owns on the south side of the new Plank Road realignment. It is also for a small triangle of property on the north side of East Plank Road immediately east of Main Street. Once the new road is in and the reconstruction is done there will be a left over triangle of property at that intersection in which is to be conveyed to BDG pursuant to the Agreements. There will also be some other properties that BDG will be conveying to the Village but those are provided for in the Annexation Agreement. Mr. Whitehouse said this Public Hearing is only for the exchange of the two parcels the Village is giving BDG and two parcels BDG is giving to the Village.


Mr. Whitehouse stated in his opinion that the parcels are of similar value.


Village Attorney Nancy Harbottle said there will be another Public Hearing after this one tonight and then the resolutions will be voted on tonight at the Board meeting enabling those exchanges to occur. She said when the Board votes on it they will need a ¾ vote which will include the Village President’s vote.


There were no members of the Public present.

There were no Public comments.

There were no comments from the Board.


Trustee Mary Kay Wlezen made a motion to close the Public Hearing with Trustee Duane Wilkison seconding the motion.

All ayes, no nays, motion carried on voice vote. The Public Hearing closed at 6:52 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Marilyn Diede Deputy Clerk