December 13, 2021 Minutes



P. O. BOX 205

BURLINGTON, IL 60109-0205


847-683-2283 – Village Clerk, Christine Jones

Village Plan Commission

Meeting Location – Village Hall

 175 Water Street

December 13, 2021 7:00 pm


Present: Village President Mary Kay Wlezen, Village Clerk Christine Jones, Deputy Clerk Natalie Meisner, Village Engineer John Whitehouse and Marilyn Diede were present. Attorney Brian Rissman attended the meeting remotely.   

Open the Meeting:   Plan Chairman Kyle Goldworthy opened the meeting at 7:04 p.m.

Roll Call:  Plan Members: Jill Caldwell, Michael Loos and Kyle Goldsworthy were present.

Plan Member Colin Stephens, Curtis Olson attended remotely. Brian Rapier attended remotely at 7:07 pm


A quorum was established for tonight’s meeting.


Approval of the November 8, 2021 Plan Commission Meeting Minutes. Plan Member Jill Caldwell made a motion to approve the November 8, 2021 Plan Commission Meeting minutes and Plan Member Michael Loos seconded the motion.  Ayes:  Plan Members:

Jill Caldwell, Michael Loos, Colin Stephens, Curtis Olson and Kyle Goldsworthy.  Absent:  Plan Member Brian Rapier.  Five ayes, one absent, motion carried.


Plan Member Brian Rapier arrived via remotely at 7:07 pm


Discussion on Draft Revision to Village Zoning Ordinance amending the size of the Accessory buildings allowed in Burlington.


Discussion on Amending the size of sheds allowed in Burlington:  Village Engineer John Whitehouse gave a background on what the Zoning Ordinance states in regards to storage sheds in Residential Districts.  Currently allowed is up to 200 square feet. There have been quite a few suggestions from residents to increase the size. The Code requires the same architecture as the home and no medal sheds.  In a preliminary discussion with the Village Board it was suggested to have the maximum amount be dependent on lot size. Engineer Whitehouse suggested 3% of the lot size.  The code also has a maximum lot coverage in all zoning districts. All driveways, sidewalks,

patios and buildings cannot exceed 45% of the lot area. In order to change what is currently in the code the Plan Commission would have to do a text amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. The Plan Commission would hold a Public Hearing for a Text Amendment.


 Engineer Whitehouse explained the difference between a detached garage and an accessory building.  Engineer Whitehouse said one issue in Burlington is homes are limited by septic systems. Discussion followed.


Engineer Whitehouse went over Section 21.407 H which discusses accessory buildings which includes detached garages and carports. It discusses heights, size and doors to the accessory building. Each Plan Member gave their thoughts on what they would like to see in regards to sheds and accessory buildings.

With Plan Commission Consensus Engineer Whitehouse was directed to draft changes to Paragraph H of the Code.  Engineer Whitehouse went over the steps in getting this changed. It will be discussed at the December Plan Commission meeting. He said the Public Hearing would be no earlier than January 2022.


Discussion on chickens in Burlington:  Engineer Whitehouse said if the Plan Commission wanted to allow chickens in Burlington it would also be a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance.  Guest Trustee Amanda Stephens went over Elburn’s Ordinance in regards to chickens. She went over the conditions and restrictions.   She said St. Charles and Geneva also allow chickens.


 It was noted a family in Burlington does have chickens right now and they say it is to help their autistic child. The Village is aware of it and hasn’t addressed it yet.


Engineer Whitehouse explained a little bit about the current Village code.  This would be a Text Amendment in certain Zoning districts.

Discussion followed.  Each Plan Member gave their thoughts in regards to having chickens which included a couple of Plan Members who have had chickens in other towns and their experiences.


Village Attorney Peter Wilson said he has a memo of common things often found with chicken Ordinances. Village Clerk Christine Jones will forward the memo and the Elburn’s Chicken Ordinance to all the members for them to look over.


Guests:  No comments.  


Motion to Adjourn the Meeting:  Plan Member Brian Rapier made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Plan Member Jill Caldwell seconded the motion.  Ayes:  Plan Members:  Brian Rapier, Jill Caldwell, Colin Stephens, Curtis Olson, Michael Loos and Kyle Goldsworthy.  Six ayes, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Marilyn Diede

Deputy Clerk